Medical & Health Professionals

Do you want a bookkeeper who really understands the Medical & Health industry?

You have been trained to look after your patients, not your bookkeeping. Leave it this way. Do not spend your valuable time on things that to you, appear messy, boring and annoying. We are a team of absolute number crunching nerds who would be delighted to take care of your books.
Our packages will tell you exactly what are you getting and how much it will cost – no surprises.

We emphatically declare that the outdated bookkeeping systems are as laughable as medieval quackery. The new cloud platform is wiping out the old bookkeeping model. Technological advances will continue at an accelerated pace over the next decade, providing even more innovative applications. Combined with better analytical tools, this will drastically transform the medical industry.

Cloud bookkeeping will get the most out of your business’s books. No longer will you need to rely on your ‘gut feeling’, as you will have the most recent performance indicators under your fingertips. Some bookkeeping tasks can be completely automated, saving you time and money, and ensuring that your data and reporting is timely and accurate. This will enable valuable insights into how your business is performing to be accessed at the touch of a button and we all know that accurate bookkeeping leads to accurate decision making.

Does this cloud business still sound a bit daunting? Never fear, that’s because you’re a medical professional, not an accountant. And as a busy professional, the last thing you need to worry about is the business side of what you do. That’s why SMART Business Solutions has accountants who specialise in medical practice accounting, dental accounting and bookkeeping consulting for medical practices.

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We have teamed with many medical practices and professionals with our services extending too many specialists, in fact there probably isn’t a specialist we cannot assist. So if you’re a general practitioner, surgeon, physiotherapist, chiropractor, dentist, osteopath, optometrist or specialist in the medical and health industry, call us and see how we can assist.