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There's recently been a big tax law change that may reduce the tax deductions for many businesses across Australia.

Here it is, my blog on why I purchased $5,000 on Xero shares for each of my two children. For over 6 months I have been contemplating whether this experience would be beneficial to anyone if I shared it. I kept thinking, “Who would want to read it?” and “What would I say?” and “Would anyone care?” Well, here I sit on my way back from seeing the Grand Canyon whilst holidaying in the USA with the family. I have time, so I pulled out my iPad and started to write. So, here it is. The story of why I purchased those Xero shares.

The Flourish Business Coaching Program is designed specifically for small to medium business owners committed to growing their business. The program provides you with essential ingredients to improve your financial literacy,helping
you make informed strategic decisions to help accelerate your business growth.

Personal Finance Planning with the help of Xero and Smart Business Solutions If you were to add up all your earnings for a lifetime, the total would come to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. 

Personal Budgeting: The Key To Realising Your Financial Goals And DreamsIf you discovered a business owner was operating without a set budget, you’d probably think he/she was incompetent or not taking his/her financial obligations seriously.